Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Purex Complete with Zout

Thanks to the Purex Insiders Program and Purex, I received a bottle of the New Purex Complete with Zout to sample.  Purex Complete with Zout combines the cleaning strength of Purex liquid laundry detergent with the triple-stain-fighting action of Zout pretreater.  Purex Complete with Zout fights stains using three power stain-removing enzymes: Protease, which works against protein-based stains like grass & blood, Amylase, which works against starch-based stains like chocolate & tomato, and Mannanase, which works against guar, a common thickener in foods like ice cream, sauce, and dressing.

Purex Complete with Zout is an innovative product because it can be used as a regular detergent for normal loads, can be used to spot treat tough stains, and can be added extra to heavily soiled loads.

In the short time since I received this sample, I had an opportunity to try it out quite a bit (owing to the fact that I always spill & stain things).  This detergent removed gross stains from hard water around curtains in a window air conditioner unit in the garage that probably hadn't been washed in three years!  I didn't even use any special treatment; as it happened, hubby had spontaneously decided to redo the weather stripping around this AC unit and through the curtains into the wash when I wasn't looking.  Not even knowing they were there, I was doubly shocked to see them spotless for the first time in years!  I also used Purex with Zout to pre-treat both spaghetti sauce and chocolate stains by rubbing some detergent into the fabric, letting it sit five minutes, and then washing the clothes.  Both times, my clothes came out spotless.  It also removed spilled chocolate milk stains from kitchen towels (without pretreatment) and blood from underwear - that time of the month- (with pre-treatment).

I have to say I love this stuff!  It is more economical than buying both a detergent and a stain pretreater and is priced from $3.49 to $7.99 depending on size and retailer.  You can't even buy a lot of normal plain detergents for that price.

Purex Complete with Zout is Available in two scents: Fresh Morning Burst and Free & Clear.  It also works in both traditional and HE washing machines.

Having tried this sample, I am now a convert!


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