Sunday, April 25, 2010

the inlaws arrived today...

My ILs arrived today. MIL is going to help watch Tessa while we start the packing. It's an overwhelming process, just so much to do and of course, I'm depressed about leaving the house too. Moodwise, I'm still beating up on myself and down though having MIL here helps with watching Tessa already. Tessa is very high needs and while I had a bit of a routine where she'd play independently some while DH was working, since he's been laid off, he plays with her (or expects me to) all day and she no longer plays by herself (and she did precious little of that even when I watched her all day) plus she never naps now even though she desperately needs a nap. So it does help to have an extra pair of hands.

I had a pretty bad panic attack in the car earlier today, on the way home from lunch (I wasn't driving, thank God). I hate anxiety & depression icon_sad.gif

Tomorrow we start the packing.

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