Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's official...DH starts work on Monday!

Today, DH got the official job offer from the Univ. of Houston, in the amount discussed, a bit less than he was making previously and we will have to cut back on extras but we get to keep the house, and he will have access to the Texas teachers pension plan in this position, which is supposedly one of the best pension plans in the nation. And DH sent the official email and paperwork accepting the job icon_smile.gif We are hoping good things will come out of this position, contacts and experience working in the semi-conductor field of nanotechnology, which is big right now. The professor who hired him is in a big hurry to get the position filled by June 1 (this prof. and a bunch of core people who know about that position will be gone in the coming weeks & DH needs to get up to speed quickly) and actually wanted DH to start tomorrow, but we're still getting the house organized from having it halfway packed up before (we were practically on the road to Los Angelos and moved out of here, both in our minds and in actual fact). We still have the storage POD in the driveway.  DH can now call for them to pick up (we've got it unpacked at least, so the heat isn't damaging our belongings), so DH is going to officially start Monday though he may go in a bit on Friday, depending on how we're doing here.

My mom came & stayed a few days to help me with watching Tessa and trying to organize things. We took a ton of clothes Tessa had outgrown to a church thrift store. We have a smallish house (around 1400 sq. ft. and not that much room to store things). I don't know if we'll have a sibling for Tessa or not but even if we do, nothing guarantees we'll have a girl and grandparents & aunts seem happy enough buying cute girlie baby & toddler clothes. I sorted my own clothes and need to work more on my books (I have tons of them, so it's a job). My youngest sister is coming tomorrow to help me some.  She lives in the Houston area and not too terribly far away. It's actually a shame I haven't seen her & her DH much these past few years because we don't really live so far apart we couldn't get together every week or two.

So that's the news from my end...once the house gets in order, I'll try to post more again here. I'd also gotten very rundown physically (weight way too low and still haven't gained any), but I'm doing better now that I have more of an actual appetite to eat again instead of having to force myself to eat because of the anxiety & panic and plan to go back to weight lifting at the gym (which also really increased my appetite in the past).  Just taking it a day at a time now...I see the psychiatrist tomorrow and will discuss my meds again with her (I'm hoping she'll agree once things settle here for me after DH goes to work to cut back a bit on my antidepressant).  I got Tessa signed up for a Parent & Child swim class that starts July 1.  I'm not sure how she'll take to that since she's never actually been in a pool before, but hopefully, she will like it.


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