Saturday, March 6, 2010

Very Down & Depressed Tonight :(

Feeling very down's going on 5 months since Kelley was laid off & he's put in nearly 100 applications with ZERO callbacks and some rejections icon_sad.gif So many applications are screened by computer first & it's just impossible to connect with a real person to get a leg up in many of these large companies. You wonder how many of his applications may have come across an actual human's eye. He is a highly skilled & smart person and wants to work desperately and no one will hire him!

I have been dealing with some postnasal drip/chest congestion off and on for the last month and that's not helped. I've lost weight despite cutting the amount of time I'm at the gym (mostly because I haven't felt like exercising with the congestion). I'm still eating OK, so it must be due to stress along with still breastfeeding. I haven't been doing weight lifting at the gym with being sick, and it's the weight lifting/protein diet that helps me keep my weight up. So I really need to get back on it. My weight is not horribly dangerous but it is low, and I know I'd feel better (have more energy if I gained back the 5 lb. or so I've lost).

Sorry for the poor me post...just need to vent a bit. I am depressed & anxious lately. I do have a visit with my psychiatrist scheduled later this month.

If you're religious, please pray for hubby & me. These are difficult times for him too, and I think he is feeling a lot of self-doubt & sense of failure because he hasn't gotten a job or at least an offer yet. The last 2 times he was laid off, he had another job within about 4 months.


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