Saturday, February 20, 2010

I used to do this every day!!

OMG, it's so easy to get spoiled now that Kelley has been out of work so long.  I'd much prefer he had a job, but in the meantime, he's been helping out with Tessa during the day so I'm not watching her all day without a break.  She rarely naps any more, so it's very tough.  This weekend, Kelley is gaming with some friends of his who came into town (role playing games & stuff), and he has had it rough since his unemployment, so I told him to go ahead, I'd watch Tessa,no problem.  Here it is 4 PM, and I'm exhausted.  She hasn't stopped once.  This is the first chance I've had to sit down since lunch.  I used to do this every day, I can't believe it.  Well, when I watched Tessa all day, I had been encouraging independent play a bit more, but with Kelley, if she protests the least, even when he is doing things like eating, he obliges her, and so she won't play any (not even the spare 30 minutes I used to get) independently now AND she won't nap at all.  I've got a bit of post-nasal drip stuff running me down, and I'm exhausted.  I need to get my weight back up and get back into weight lifting (it did help with energy although I was having to eat constantly to keep the muscle on), but I'm so tired, I haven't the energy to weight lift.  Sigh.  Monday I'm going to kick it into high gear.  I still have a bit of whey protein that is good (sigh...there are millions of tastier things to eat than whey shakes), but the weight situation is getting to me.  I haven't weighed myself since putting the scale away but I can tell I'm getting too thin.  What's not helping the energy situation is AF had to rear her ugly head too, and the hormones always fatigue me.

I hope for more interesting posting next week.  I do want to write a post about toddler NIP and public opinion on it.  It really irked me the other day to get a nasty look from a woman while nursing Tessa in public (kids' section of Barnes & Noble), while her son, who was at least 3 and looked close to 4 in age was sucking on a pacifier.  But I don't know, maybe that's my hangup.  I never did use a pacifier with Tessa, so I can't say I have been there, done that.


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