Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't Afford the Chiropractor (Lower Back Pain Sucks!)

I really hope my husband can find a job soon.  It is bad enough being on a tight, tight budget, not able to afford toys or clothes for Tessa or to eat out, but lately, I have so been wishing I could afford the chiropractor again.  The chiropractor AND a deep tissue massage.  Lower back & myofascial pain has been eating away at me lately, not bad enough that I can't do anything, just bad enough to wear at my nerves, especially when Tessa wants you sitting on the floor playing an ever-increasingly involved game of Little People (an obsession I will not be sad to see her outgrow!).  Back when Kelley had a job, I went every 2 weeks to the chiropractor & every 1-2 months for a deep tissue massage.  That did help my back pain significantly (I've had problems with my lower back & hips since I was pregnant with Tessa and my SI (sacroileac) joint went out (absolute agony!). 

There's not really a point to this post I guess except saying that unemployment sucks, lower back pain sucks & myofascial pain sucks.  I'm very tired this morning and a bit down (depression sucks).  I'll get over it, I know, a lot of my mood fluctuates depending on my hormones, which are increasingly whacky thanks to Tessa taking it into her head to start nursing at all hours overnight again (hence increased milk production).


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