Saturday, January 9, 2010

This no nap thing is getting old!

Tessa has not napped most of this past week, and it is so hard.  She's tired and needs the nap but won't sleep.  It is wearing me out!

This week, I've tried to be better about doing weights at the gym.  I did a good weight routine this morning and walked/ran nearly 5 miles on the treadmill.  Then, while I had the motivation, I cleaned up my office (we're planning to use part of it to help with the overflow of toys).  That was a big job, especially lugging books around (I have books everywhere since I'm an avid reader).  Some books I'm going to store and others take to sell to the used book store.  Between the weights, no naps, and cleaning the office today, I am bushed!  We're doing more organizing tomorrow.  I am hoping I will get a Kindle for my birthday and maybe it will begin to cut down on the number of books I need space to store, we'll see.


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