Friday, January 8, 2010

my tall skinny girl!

Tessa turned 2 last month, and we delayed her 2 yr. appt. for about a month until our COBRA insurance coverage kicked in.  I took her to the doctor today and found out she weighs only 23 3/4 lb. (7%) and is 35 3/4" tall (94%), head 53%.  Hubby is very tall (6'4", that is where she gets the height from; I'm 5'4" tall).  The doc said it would not surprise her if Tessa ends up 5'10" tall or even around 6 feet!  Good grief!  She also got a CBC which I hadn't been prepared for and which Tessa HATED and 2 vaccines.

After the doctor, we had lunch at Panera Bread and Tessa spilled soup all over herself then went to Barnes & Noble to play with the Thomas the Train table they have in the kids' section there.


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