Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If I never see another Fisher Price Little Person again... will be too soon!  This is all Tessa wants to play all day lately, and she wants someone to play with her.  Before my husband lost his job, I had the bright idea to buy a Fisher Price Little People Main Street toys and a mixed lot of cars and people.  I don't think they sell this Main Street toy anymore, but Tessa loves it because you can drive cars through the garage and out on the opposite side through the car wash.  She sits on one side and I sit on the other.  The problem is she can drive these cars in circles literally for hours on end.  I finally convinced her to move her Little People setup to the den, where I could at least watch some shows I TiVo'ed.  Little People was OK, the first month or two of playing it, but after about 6 months of it, it gets REAL old.  Today before her nap, Tessa did show a glimmer of interest in a craft jar she got for Christmas so I'm hoping maybe she will want to do some crafting.

I'm tired today, I have been since arriving home from California.  I think some of it's the time difference (it seemed easier to adjust going there than coming home), and the other part of it is adjusting to not having MIL help with Tessa, I think!  Luckily, both MIL and SIL gave me Starbucks cards for Christmas, and I think I will use them to get a mocha today.  That would be nice with the cold weather we're having.   I don't know what the heck is up with that.  They are predicting teens one of these nights, and I only remember one or two occasions when it got this cold in this area of Texas while growing up here.


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