Saturday, January 2, 2010

Home again!

We made it home yesterday flying from Los Angelos to Houston.  Travel with a toddler is anything but simple, especially with added security measures now.  But this time around we were smart to get a cart for the luggage right away and not strain ourselves carrying all that stuff and Tessa too like we did on the trip out.

Once again, can I say I am SO glad I am still breastfeeding!  It came in so useful for toddler meltdowns.  I nursed in the airport while waiting on DH to get through security (the luggage cart had to go through a separate line) and Tessa about melted down once I took her shoes off for security.  She was not happy anyway at security because she was upset to leave her Tee Tee (MIL) behind.  I nursed on the plane while waiting to take off (it seemed to take forever to load and we were way past our departure time).  I nursed while we took off in the plane and Tessa fell asleep and slept most of the trip.  I felt so bad for a toddler mom seated near us; her LO cried the entire flight and refused to be soothed with a pacifier.  There are some perks to toddler nursing.  And we nursed a bit on the descent.  Yay for the booby!

It is good to be home but now there is paperwork and mail to catch up on.  Tessa did well going  back to the gym daycare this morning (I worried about how she would do since we were gone so long but she did fine).  She likes the regular worker there and she was working this morning.


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