Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funeral on a gloomy day...

I just got home from a funeral of an old friend of mine from school.  We were friends from 2nd grade all through school, but I hadn't seen her since my high school graduation in 1996.  I need to keep in better touch because now she does not live terribly far from me.  Her father was only 59, and she looks as if it's been a rough couple of months for her, she's so thin.  She has a 2.5 yr. old son & a 6 month old son on top of her father being in & out of the hospital since Halloween.  When I saw her though, I knew coming was the right thing to do (it was about a 1.5 hr. drive for us) and that she appreciated it even though I hadn't seen her father in some years.  It is always sad to get together with old friends under such sad circumstances.

It's rainy and gloomy and gray today, fitting weather for a funeral, I suppose.  Tessa did well except she insisted on practically doing the River Dance on her chair during the prayer before the refreshments.  A 2 yr. old can only behave well for so long!


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