Monday, January 4, 2010's cold here!

I live in southeast Texas and we tend to have mild winters with very few days below freezing, but ever since I returned on the 1st, it's been cold here for days.  They're predicting a chance of sleet later this week.  It would be my luck that Tessa does not like to wear jackets or sweaters or even long sleeves for that matter. Every time I dress her in a shirt with long sleeves, she says "Long sleeves up!" and promptly pushes her sleeves up to her elbow.  She still has very little hair and doesn't want to keep her cap on either.  This morning, I gave up the struggle for both (though I did manage to tug a sweatshirt over her shirt).  I figured it was warm enough in the car and we would only be out short periods of time walking into the gym and out again.  People must see us though and think I'm a neglectful parent, not even bothering to put a coat on my daughter when it's less than 40 degrees outside.  I do try, but honestly, it's not worth the fight or the tantrums.

We have obviously hit the "terrible twos" and every thing Tessa doesn't like or want to do results in a giant tantrum.  It does get hard not to shout at her sometimes because this girl has quite a stubborn personality (gets it from her daddy, I think!)  When she's not tantruming, she is very sweet although quite high maintenance (wants attention from me or DH 24/7, unless she's working on a poopy diaper).  This child just will not play by herself when we're around, but I witness her playing happily by herself on the monitor in the gym daycare--go figure!


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