Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why does it always rain when I get my hair done?

We will soon be flying back home to Texas, but today, I went to the salon and got my hair done as part of my Christmas gift from MIL.  I was really self-conscious about it as the roots had grown out so much.  I got highlights and a cut and it turned out pretty good.  Later, I will try to upload some before & after pictures.  Unfortunately, today is one of the few days when it actually rains in So. Cal.  Of course, it would rain when I get my hair done!

Today, I NIP'ed (nursed in public) with Tessa for the first time in a long time (not counting our plane ride out to CA, where I nursed her too).  She just doesn't ask for "boobies" that much when we're out and about and interesting things are happening.  But she was overtired today, and we were eating a late lunch and she asked to nurse at the restaurant, so I did (we were in a booth anyway, so it was pretty discreet).  I never have been one to use a covering when NIP, mostly because Tessa won't tolerate it.  I haven't gotten any comments yet, but I've gotten looks several times.  Probably I would get more comments if people realized Tessa was already 2, but since she still doesn't have much hair, she is often mistaken for being younger than she really is.

As I said before, my plan is to let Tessa self-wean, but sometimes it feels  like this child will never wean!  I know when it does happen it will be bittersweet for me since breastfeeding has been a wonderful  & special part of my relationship with Tessa.


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